Wright State University – Rinzler Student Sports Complex & Mulhollan Field will be our venue for Battle Saturday June 6, 2015 (CLICK HERE FOR DIRECTIONS/MAP). This venue has much to offer (parking, two fields to work with, great viewing) but there will be a few changes required as well. Please Read for more information. A map is available below to help you visualize the location and where tents will be placed.

With this new venue, we need to make the following changes to the Battle Tents:
1. Absolutely No Commercial Stakes are allowed due to underground wiring.
2. Those teams wanting to rent Big Tents (i.e. commercial rentals) will need to work with Prime Time Rentals. We had to limit this to one rental company because of the state inspection for tents and other equipment required when using a facility at a state university. We also wanted to try to help with the added cost and could not do this with multiple vendors. Commercial tents must be frame tents with weights. They will cost a bit more – Battle is paying the delivery fee for all Battle tents – so if some companies want to share we will try to help you find a tent partner or we encourage you to use the Battle Facebook page to look for a partner.
3. Teams with “easy up” types of tents will be able to use small stakes to secure them (estimated max stake size of 10 inches).
4. Grills are permitted in the tent area. However, the grills Must Not be under any tent or cover due to fire hazards. We will try to space tents far enough apart to accommodate this. We are told that security will be checking to ensure compliance.

You can click HERE for a general schematic of Rinzler Student Sports Complex and where Battle Tents will be located. We will be assigning Tent Locations to Battle Teams due to the new venue.

Suzie Stewart is in charge of tents. You can contact her with questions at stewartsuziq@aol.com cell: (937) 266-1211.