Participation Eligibility

  • The maximum team size is 30 participants. 
  • Team members must be employees and on the payroll of the participating company or contract employees who work at least 32 hours a week for the participating company. 
  • Each participant competing must be 19 years of age or older prior to the first Battle event. 
  • Division 4 teams may include an immediate family member of employees (limited to one family member per employee). 
  • Battle participants may only participate once per event. 

 General Rules

 Team Rosters must be completed and turned in to the Battle Board prior to a team’s competing in Sand Volleyball.  For any changes in the original team roster, coaches must turn in a Player Substitution Card to the registration table prior to participating in the event that the substitution occurs. (See Roster Instructions for more information.) 

  • Completed Waivers must be on file before the team’s participation in Sand Volleyball.  (See Waiver Procedure Instructions for more information.) 
  • If ineligible players are used and discovered, the team shall default their place and points in the event(s) that the ineligible participant was involved. 
  • No replacement shall be permitted after a team has begun participating in an event. A team can compete in Miniature Golf, Cornhole Ladder, Trivia Night, Tug-of-War, Bowling, and Punt, Pass & Place Kick with fewer than the required number of participants.  All other events require the specified number of participants for a team to compete and receive place points.  Participation points will be awarded to any team participating with fewer than the required number of participants. (See Point System). 
  • Metal spikes (any portion of the spike) may not be worn at any time for any event during the Battle.  Anything other than metal is permitted i.e., rubber or plastic. 
  • All published starting times are considered forfeit times unless specific event rules provide otherwise. However, the starter will have discretionary power to delay a start. Each team shall be given one chance to participate in each event. 
  • Video recordings cannot be used to change the place or scoring of any team. 
  • If the Rules Committee determines a team’s performance has been hindered through no fault of their own (e.g., interference by another team), the team may elect to rerun the event.  This rerun will take place either in a remaining heat with an open lane or immediately following the last scheduled heat of that event.  The team’s coach along with the Rules Committee will make that decision.  If the team elects not to rerun the event, their time/score will stand as official.  If the team reruns the event, the rerun’s time/score will be recorded as official. 
  • Grievance forms will be available at the information table at each event.  Grievances must be filed at the information table.  The Rules Committee’s decision shall be final. 

Shirt Penalties

All team members are required to wear their current year Battle team shirt while participating in every event. In case of inclement weather, it is understood that jackets and such may be worn over the current year team shirt.

The following penalties will be assessed for each team member failing to wear their Battle team shirt:

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Grievance Procedure

We are all hopeful that everything runs smoothly with the Battle. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. To help alleviate any problems that may arise, we have a grievance procedure. The procedure is as follows:

  1. The team coach fills out the grievance form prior to the end of competition on the same day.
  2. The grievance form must be handed in at the information table. The event coordinator will investigate the grievance (i.e. speak to the timer or judge involved), and decide on a resolution.
  3. The team coach will be informed of the resolution.
  4. If the team coach is dissatisfied with the resolution, he/she may appeal to the Rules Committee.
  5. The decision of the Rules Committee is final.

Grievance forms will be available at the information table at each event.