Team Roster & Instruction

The roster keeps both the team coach and the Battle staff informed of whom is to participate in each Battle event.


Roster Instructions:

  1. A maximum of 30 team members is permitted on the roster
  2. Please provide the names and email addresses for each of your teams participants.
  3. Each member will receive a link to sign the Liability Waiver digitally.
  4. Waivers must be submitted prior to the first battle event.

Substitution Rules:

  • A Substitution Card must be fill out to substitute for a scheduled participant or alternate. It is NOT necessary to fill out a Substitution Card if you are going to use one of the alternates designated for that event.
  • Once a substitution is made, the substitute must complete the event.
  • Substitutions are not allowed once an event has begun. Please refer to the Sand Volleyball and Tug-of-War rules for specific substitution instructions for those events.
  • Substitution Cards will be available at the information desk at all events.