61,904!!! That’s how many pins were knocked over at Beaver Vu by the Battle teams. Nothing sounds better than a strike, and we sure heard a lot of those today. We even had a couple of almost 300 games (so close!). Excellent job bowlers and thanks spectators for joining us!

Reynolds & Reynolds Nitro is our bowling champion with a total of 2657 pins. For all the math-lovers out there, that’s an average of ~222 pins per person per game for 12 games. Wow! Premier Health came in 2nd place today with exactly 2500 pins (did you guys plan it that way?). LexisNexis took 3rd place with 2237 pins. Great job top three!

2017 Bowling Results

Okay, let’s talk overall results through bowling. It’s a very tight competition for all four division.

    Division 1: Reynolds Nitro is leading the overall and division 1 with 664 points. Reynolds Diesel is in 2nd with 622 points and LexisNexis is in 3rd with 604 points.

    Division 2: Cargill is leading division 2 with 519 points. Coldwell Banker is in 2nd place with 505 points. Taylor Communications Is only one point away at 504 points.

    Division 3: Earlier this morning, three division 3 teams were all within one point of each other. After knocking down 1917 pins at bowling, GE Aviation is now leading division 3 with 525 points. Eastway is only one point behind at 524. The division 3 defending champion, WilmerHale, is in 3rd place with 499 points. This division’s race is a nail-biter, folks!

    Division 4: Marsh & McLennan is leading division 4 with 479 points. Verso is in 2nd place with 452 points. Ellipse Solutions is in 3rd place with 386 points.

If you think the fun is over, think again. We always save the best for last, and that’s field day on Saturday. Some teams will rest on Friday, while others spend all day practicing for the six remaining events. No matter what your strategy is, we look forward to seeing your entire team bright and early Saturday morning.

It… Is… On!!! *Mic drop*
2017 Battle Results - Bowling